NUST MISIS Diplomas to Be Recognized in Egypt

NUST MISIS diplomas in the field of IT will be recognized in Egypt from the new academic year, as the university entered the list of credible Russian universities. This decision was made by the Council of Rectors of Universities of the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

The list of universities is published on the official website of the Supreme Council of Rectors and is divided into four categories: medicine (pharmaceuticals, dentistry and general medicine), engineering, information systems and technologies, culture and art.

NUST MISIS has many years of successful interaction with the scientific community of Egypt as well as experience in joint work with Egyptian enterprises, including training personnel for the country’s economy. In particular, in 2019, the university reached an agreement with representatives of the embassies of 20 African states on the creation of management training programs for the mining and metallurgical industry at NUST MISIS.

Egyptian students choose to study at the university’s specialties related to electricity, computer science and engineering, nanotechnology and linguistics.

Since 2014, graduates of NUST MISIS’s English-taught Master’s programs have received a Supplement in addition to a state-recognized diploma, which greatly simplifies the procedure for recognizing the university’s diploma abroad.