NUST MISIS’s Business School for the TOP Managers

Announced at the NUST MISIS Mining Advisory Council meeting, held on March 23rd, the NUST MISIS Interuniversity Center for Strategic Management and Conjuncture of Commodity Markets aimed at preparing senior managers for mining field enterprises, will start operations later this year.

“The main premise of the Center is to address the severe need of managers in Russian commodity companies, especially within the coal industry, and to provide companies with a professional managerial staff. Managers today must have expertise in state of the art technological processes, must be able to think strategically, and they also have to consider the global commodity market’s interconnectedness. Companies need to consider foreign policy and the geo-economic situation to implement the most effective practices. So, our Center will really be educating not only managers, but world-class specialists”, said Georgy L. Krasnyansky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the group of companies “Karakan-Invest”.
The Center, created on the basis of the NUST MISIS College of Mining, will educate students with a master`s degree under the umbrella of “Management”, and will operate on a two year full-time module system, which includes training in a wide range of disciplines. The modular system will provide the university with the opportunity to master the educational process without tearing themselves away from the production process. Such a system will allow both the University to develop a flexible curriculum focused on the needs of each enterprise, and the corresponding companies’ management to control the educational process.
“In 2014, when we started the integration of NUST MISIS and MSMU, we set up an ambitious goal — the become not only the best university in the field of materials science, but also the leading university in the field of mining in Russia. Today, it is safe to say that the NUST MISIS College of Mining has reached a qualitatively new level: the average score on the Unified State Exam has increased from 61 to 76.9, new educational programs have been developed and rapidly implemented, including five Master`s degree programs, and students now have more opportunities for internships, probations, and academic mobility. Still, in the near future we are planning to further improve the quality of education and the efficiency of research activities in the mining field”, said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.

The Interuniversity Center for Strategic Management and Conjuncture of the Commodity Markets will form strong relations with Russia’s other leading universities: a cooperative agreement with the MGIMO International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy is already in place. NUST MISIS will also partner with the MGIMO World Commodity Markets Department, which opened recently on March 1, 2016. Professor Georgy L. Krasnyansky, a member of the NUST MISIS Mining Advisory Council and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Karakan Invest” coalition.

The Center’s educational process will not only involve time with NUST MISIS’s top professors, but also highly-esteemed professors from MGIMO and other leading Russian universities, as well as practitioners, specialized ministries, and federal and regional authorities.

The Center’s scientific activities will be focused on the realization of research projects that have industry-wide significance, ranging from the implementation of engineering and consulting services to the development of strategies aimed at increasing the competitiveness of individual mining enterprises and production complexes.

Considering the ambitious blueprint for the center, the long-term goal is not only to become an interuniversity center made to educate highly qualified specialists for natural resource industries, but to become the model for future interuniversity educational structures. The basis of the interuniversity educational structures will be the NUST MISIS College of Mining`s Center for Strategic Management and Conjuncture of the Commodity Markets.