Savings on Blood: Scientists Develop Effective System of Biomaterial Delivery to Laboratories

Materials scientists from NUST MISIS, together with colleagues from the Department of Chemistry at Lomonosov Moscow State University, have developed a cheap and qualitative method of delivering blood samples and other biological fluids at any distance to be analyzed in laboratories. The developed method is similar to the technology of obtaining dry blood spots, which has already proven useful in neonatal screening.

NUST MISIS Launches First English Language Pre-Master`s Degree Courses on edX

NUST MISIS launched two online courses on edX — one of the world`s leading educational online platforms, created on the initiative of MIT and Harvard. The courses, on materials science and mathematics, have been specially designed for edX by leading scientists working at NUST MISIS. Users of the global platform will not only have a unique opportunity to take the course, but also to take an exam and receive a certificate, which will be considered during admission to NUST MISIS master`s degree program.

Super Headlights for Motorcycles: 30% Increase of Illumination in Darkness

Alexander Nikitin, a graduate student in the NUST MISIS master`s degree program “Materials and Technologies of Digital Production” has created a prototype for a unique motorcycle headlight, which is able to illuminate roads in darkness with a light beam angle of 120 degrees. The headlight is equipped with electronics that allows the rider to change the shape of the light beam depending on the inclination of the motorcycle, thereby reducing the risk of accidents in the dark.

The “Ferrous Metals” Journal Is Included in Scopus

On March 25, 2017, by decision of the expert committee of the CSAB global citation index Scopus, the scientific-technical journal “Ferrous Metals” (Chernye Metally) is now included in the world`s largest abstract database. In its conclusion, the expert committee noted the excellent quality of the journal’s published materials.

First Graduate Program in Russia for Engineers and Economists

With the help of the Russian government, NUST MISIS and Financial University will open a new interuniversity network graduate program, “Financial-Industrial Groups: Engineering Systems and Technologies; Analytics and Finances”. This is Russia`s first graduate program aimed at training engineers with expertise in economics and finances, as well as training financial experts with engineering and technological knowledge. Graduates will receive diplomas from both universities. HATCH and KPMG will be the program’s industrials partners.

“Metallurgist-3” Takes Rector`s Cup

On April 25th, 2017, the ceremonial closing event of the first Spartakiad of students and staff from NUST MISIS`s student resident hall complexes took place in NUST MISIS’s Commune House conference hall. More than 400 people participated in the event. “Metallurgist-3” was crowned the overall champion of the event.

“Nationality” — A Trademark of NUST MISIS

On April 20th, 2017, NUST MISIS hosted the 4th traditional Day of Nationalities, which gathered more than 1,500 participants from 14 Moscow universities. Students from 30 world countries presented their traditional cultures and cuisines. Among the distinguished guests were representatives of the embassies of Vietnam, Mongolia, Afghanistan, countries of Latin America, and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Gold Becomes More Accessible

NUST MISIS scientists have developed a new, cheaper, and faster method of gold extraction, one of the most demanded metals on the microelectronics market.

You Don`t Have to Brush Your Teeth Any More: New Generation of Dental Materials Prevent Caries at 99.999%

Scientists from NUST MISIS have created a methodology that can become the basis of a fundamentally new method of antibacterial therapy. It has broad opportunities for use in dentistry, maxillo facial surgery, the treatment of ENT diseases, and other medical fields. The created oxide nanoparticles of iron, zinc, titanium, and other metals in dental materials have a unique property: they work as antibiotics without side effects.

Developments for Arctic are Among NUST MISIS`s Priority Areas

From March 28th to 30th, the International Arctic Forum “Arctic: Territory of Dialogue” was held in Arkhangelsk. The Forum is one of the main 4 economic forums in Russia, as well as the largest platform for joint discussion with international partners of current issues and prospects of development in the Arctic region. The central theme of the 2017 Forum was “People and the Arctic”.