Open Doors Olympiad at NUST MISIS: Russia Opens Its Doors to International Students

Open Doors, an international Olympiad designed for graduate program applicants, has recently started in Russia. NUST MISIS, amongst Russia`s leading universities, is one of the Olympiad`s co-organizers. Students from around the world can enroll before the scheduled date and continue their education to obtain a master`s degree from one of the country`s and the world`s best universities.

NUST MISIS Students Develop an App for Patients with Bronchiectasis

A group of 1st year master`s degree students from the NUST MISIS College of Information Business Systems has suggested a solution to the problem of medication intake for those who have bronchiectasis. The suggestion is a special bracelet used to control the use of an inhaler and to monitor the patient`s condition. The prototype was presented as part of the IBM open student hackathon held through the support of Bayer.