3D-Chocolate Printing, a Talking Pencil and a Robot Ecologist among the Thrills at the Moscow Mini Maker Faire

On July 9th & 10th, 2016, for the very first time in Russia, NUST MISIS will host the Moscow Mini Maker Faire, the world`s most famous festival of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness.

This summer, Russia will host the world`s largest annual makers’ festival, Moscow Mini Maker Faire —2016, in the heart of Moscow and on NUST MISIS property (Leninsky prospect, 4). The event is organized under the international license of Maker Media, the famous founder of the maker movement. FabLab NUST MISIS, the first Russian center for digital fabrication technology certified by MIT, initiated the event.

The Festival will feature a gallery of creative technical developments such as: a 3D printer which prints figures from chocolate; a pencil that can vocalize the images it creates; a communication device for disabled people; a robot capable of gathering data on the environmental situations in cities, and much more.

The Festival will gather more than 80 workshops and areas of technical creativity from Russian and international makers. The organizers promise to present a wide range of activities and spectacles—from a potter`s wheel, 3D multiplication, and forge shops to a giant 3D printer, modern robotics, and drones.

Children will have plenty of great entertainment choices as well, notably the engineering project Nerdy Derby-a raceway for independently developed cars, and RoketLauncher-which gives children the opportunity to construct and launch a space rocket prototype.

The Moscow Mini Maker Faire — 2016 will feature and promote projects from Russian, American, European, and Asian makers, as well as house booths and displays for companies producing software and hardware products for makers.

Visitors will have a plethora of options to choose from, whether it be witnessing the creative technologies of the next generation, taking part in various competitions and master classes extending access to materials ranging from wood and textile to Plexiglas, or taking advantage of the unique opportunity to learn new and traditional crafts from skilled makers. The festival program includes: courses in programming and robotics for children and adults, a carpenter`s workshop, presentations about the project for the creation of realistic dinosaur models, microelectronics presentations, a demonstration on making jewelry from Plexiglas, and many more exciting opportunities.


— Cobodom (Russia, Moscow) — developers of the wooden constructor for the whole family. You can collect the full layout of a (maybe your!) future house;

— VirtualScreen (Russia, Moscow) — the developer of a system that changes any flat surface into a full-fledged touchpad of any diagonal;

— Applied Robotics — the official representative of the South Korean developer of educational robotic constructors, ROBOTICS;

— Polycent (Russia, Moscow) — center for scientific and technical creativity for children ages 5 to 17; specialization in robotics and programming;

— Monolama (Russia, Moscow) — developer and manufacturer of jewelry from organic glass;

— Eureka stereophotography (Russia, Moscow) — project dedicated to stereophotography.

— Copter Express (Russia, Moscow) — developer of drones for civil purposes.

The event will be open-air and offers free entrance with pre-registration.


Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 4, Oktyabrskaya metro station
9-10 July, 2016