Vladimir Potanin Foundation Donates 2 Million Rubles to NUST MISIS’s Endowment Fund

NUST MISIS’s Endowment Fund has received funding as part of “The strategy of creation and development of endowment funds” program for the “Every Ruble is important” project from the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. The project was highly valued by the Foundation’s management.

During a recent meeting of the NUST MISIS Board of Academics, Oksana Orachova, General Director of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, awarded Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS, with a certificate for 2 million Rubles in support of the University`s project for the development of cooperation with alumni.

As part of “The strategy of creation and development of endowment funds” program, going on now for a year and a half, Ivan Kopytov, Deputy Director of the NUST MISIS Endowment Fund, studied at the “SKOLKOVO” Moscow School of Management. According to his study results, Vladimir Potanin decided to support 9 successful student-developed projects. The “Every Ruble is important” was among these 9 standout projects.

Oksana Orachova, General Director of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, noted the success of the NUST MISIS Endowment Fund: “Initially, the project`s aim was the development of relationships with alumni—the creation of conditions to ensure that they stay connected with the University. And I think that both Ivan Kopytov and the NUST MISIS Endowment Fund have managed to do it!”.

Today, the university endowment funds are successfully developing and are strategically important for many universities. This is not only support for the university’s current position but also an opportunity to remain relevant within the alumni network and their region. Endowment funds are an opportunity for innovations and for further expansion, as well as an opportunity to implement not just key projects, but also partner projects.

There are many examples around the globe when endowment funds supported talented students and leading teachers by providing them scholarships, grants, and opportunities to attend conferences and to do internships. However endowment funds have alsohelped finance events aimed at the integration of universities into their regional development.

Oksana Orachova recommended for the NUST MISIS Endowment Fund “to move forward, to stay creative, to offer alumni different formats of support, and to look for opportunities at the crossroads of different fields, which are not always visible when you are inside the university. The program for cooperation with cultural institutions is a great example implemented by the NUST MISIS Endowment Fund”.