NUST MISIS’s History in Photos

The opening ceremony of the historical photo exhibition created as part of the celebration of NUST MISIS’s 100th anniversary—marked from the creation of the Moscow Mining Academy, NUST MISIS’s predecessor—was recently held at the University.

At the exhibition, visitors can learn more about the University`s history from the inception of the Moscow Mining Academy foundation onward.

Lots of people who became legends, including founders of scientific fields and industry sectors, have studied at NUST MISIS. Today, the engineers of the future and specialists of high-tech economic sectors, people who will determine the further development of technologies and entire industry sectors, accomplishing things that will change the world, study at NUST MISIS.

The photo exhibition reflects every area of university life — from exams and research to creative contests and sports competitions. Through the comparison of archival photos with recent ones, we can see the only change is in the specific details of any era and that the energy of creativity and the desire to dream and implement ideas has remained as powerful as ever.

Most of the archived photos were taken by masters of Soviet photography — Nikolay Kuleshov, Valentin Sobolev, Viktor Velikzhanin, and others. The contemporary photos have been taken by Mariya Brodskaya and Sergey Gnuskov, both NUST MISIS Press Office photographers.

The exhibition is on the 1st floor of the NUST MISIS B campus.