NUST MISIS Presents Data Science Platform with Multilingual Search Function

The NUST MISIS Big Data Research Center is launching IRELA, a platform for the analysis of big data. The new Data Science platform is not focused on a specific industry and due to its multi-modularity, can be easily integrated into the IT-landscape of any field of activity. IRELA also has a multilingual search function, which is unique for the Russian market.

Experts from the NUST MISIS Big Data Research Center in cooperation with engineers from Naumen have deployed the IRELA Data Science platform. The project is focused on advanced scientific achievements in the field of Data Science and it is based on analytical solutions created by the Center’s experts at the request of leading companies from various spheres, including the oil & gas, aerospace, construction, scientific, and educational industries.

Due to big data processing and machine learning technologies, the IRELA platform automates work with a large flow of information: it simplifies searches for a multilingual database, classifies incoming documents, speeds up standard decisions, suggests priorities when working on specific cases, and facilitates report analysis. The presented development makes for the effective use of a company`s knowledge base to quickly respond to incoming requests.

The platform has a wide range of applications. Unlike other somewhat similar solutions on the market, like ones focused on a specific area, IRELA provides a set of tools that are built into the existing IT-landscape. These competitive advantages are achieved by dividing the platform into modules—relatively independent functional parts. Each module is a ready-made solution that can be installed separately or as a set with others.

“We have gathered a strong team of Data Science experts who are able to develop solutions in the field of data analysis and have experience in implementing the created technologies as part of projects with commercial and government customers, including ministries and corporations. We tried to make a truly competitive product and we have designed a multi-module platform, thanks to which Data Science solutions will be available for implementation not just in the largest companies, but in mid-sized companies too. In addition, IRELA has a multilingual search function, which has no analogues on the Russian market”, said Grigoriy Gubarev, head of the project.

The Multilanguage module finds documents in any language, eliminating the need for translation and related errors. It reduces the search time for users who do not speak the desired foreign language and increases the chance of finding the most appropriate document for a task. The module is relevant for global companies and multinational teams working with international parties. The multilingual search technology is the team`s own personal development, and they have presented it at international scientific conferences and had it written about in prestigious scientific journals.

“The Center is engaged in the modern areas of information analysis, machine learning and natural language processing, and the IRELA platform is the division’s first important project. This platform we created incorporates our latest achievements through the symbiosis of solved business cases and research problems”, commented Lev Golitsyn, Director of the Big Data Research Center.