NUST MISIS PhD Studies for International Students: Opportunity to Study and Work

NUST MISIS is excited to announce admission to PhD studies for international applicants to study and work as a researcher-engineer at one of the University`s best laboratories. All PhD students will be provided with accommodation in The Commune House — recognized as one of Russia`s best student dormitories.

Every international student admitted to NUST MISIS on both a budgetary and contractual basis will be given the opportunity to participate in a competition for a researcher-engineer position at one of the University`s leading laboratories.

The competition’s winners will be able to conduct research, lead the research work of international master`s degree students, and prepare methodological materials. Having a scientific article published in at least a second quartile journal is a mandatory requirement.

Candidates` applications will be ranked according to the criteria of publication activity over the past five years, the h-Index, the involvement of their scientific supervisor from NUST MISIS in the international scientific agenda, their ability to publish articles in first and second quartile journals, and the Department`s recommendations to attract specific candidates. Advanced English language proficiency is also required.

The admission is for all fields of studies: “Physics and Astronomy”, “Materials Technologies”, “Mining”, “Information technologies”, etc. Application dates are from February 4th, 2019 to July 20th, 2019.

An academic advisor can be selected on the University`s website. An applicant’s chances of getting the researcher-engineer position will significantly increase if they apply to a field with one of the University`s leading scientists. To do this, it is necessary to specify the academic advisor`s name and to attach their recommendation letter when submitting documents.

Successful candidate’s contracts will last for a year with the possibility to extend it further.

Currently, more than 100 international PhD students from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and CIS countries study at NUST MISIS.