NUST MISIS Developments — Winners at the IIDC 2018

Every invention from NUST MISIS scientists presented at the International Invention and Design Competition 2018, held in Hong Kong from December 5th to 7th, 2018, received an award, including two gold medals, a silver medal, and various special prizes from international organizations.

The NUST MISIS international committee selected three inventions from University staff to participate in the IIDC 2018. The inventions’ foreign legal protection is held as part of Project The following is the list of awards the three participating inventions won at the event:

1. “Structural cryogenic austenitic high-strength corrosion-resistant welded steel and the method of its processing”

Authors: Filonov M.R., Bazhenov V.E., Glebov A.G., Kaputkina L.M., Kaputkin D.E., Kin-Dop V.E., Svyazhin A.G., Smarygina I.V., Blinov E.V.


— An IIDC 2018 gold medal;

— The exhibition’s highest special prize, for outstanding achievement in creating inventions and innovations, presented at the IIDC 2018.

2. “A method of bioactive coating production with antibacterial effect”

Authors: Levashov E.A., Kudryashov A.E., Zamulayeva E.I., Shtansky D.V., Pogozhev Y.S., Potanin A.Y., Shvyndina N.V.


— An IIDC 2018 silver medal;

— The special prize of the Association of Thai Innovation and Invention Promotion.

3. “Polymer composite with shape memory effect for 3D-printing medical products”

Authors: Senatov F.S., Nyaza K.V., Cherdyntsev V.V., Kaloshkin S.D., Estrin Y.Z.


—An IIDC 2018 gold medal.

Tatyana Raykova, the head of the NUST MISIS Intellectual Property Department, was awarded a special diploma of gratitude for her successful work as part of the exhibition`s international jury.