NUST MISIS Developments — Medalists at the SIIF 2018

Three NUST MISIS developments have received a gold medal and two silver medals at the Seoul International Invention Fair 2018 (South Korea).

The 14th Seoul International Invention Fair 2018 (SIIF), designed to promote developments from the international market of innovations and their commercialization, as well as to bring developers and investors together, was held in Seoul, South Korea, from December 6th to 9th, 2018.

NUST MISIS presented its three patented developments, and all of them were highly valued by the fair’s experts. The three developments took home a gold medal and two silver medals, as well as special prizes:

1) “Nuclear dynamoelectric generator”

Authors: Malinkovich M.D., Bykov A.S., Zhukov R.N., Kubasov I.V., Parkhomenko Y.N., Kiselev D.A., Polisan A.A., Temirov A.A., Ksenich S.V.

The patent received a gold medal and Parkhomenko Y.N. won the Malaysian Invention & Design Society’s special prize.

2) “Method of electrode production from alloys based on nickel aluminide”

Authors: Levashov E.A., Pogozhev Y.S., Sentyurina Zh.A., Zaytsev A.A., Sanin V.N., Yukhvid V.I., Andreev D.E., Iskornikov D.M.

The patent received a silver medal and Levashov E.A. won the Taiwanese Invention Products Promotion Association’s special prize.

3) “Method of medical preparation based on magnetic nanoparticles of iron oxide for MRI diagnosis of tumors”

Authors: Abakumov M.A., Majouga A.G.

The patent received a silver medal and Kind Abdulaziz University’s (Saudi Arabia) special prize.