NUST MISIS opens English-taught postgraduate programmes

In 2019, NUST MISIS for the first time opens enrollment on English-taught postgraduate programmes in two areas: “Physics and Astronomy” and “Materials Technology”. Postgraduate students will have the opportunity to work as part of international research groups on the basis of modern world-class laboratories and to undergo internships at leading universities in Europe and in the US.

The program “Physics of Condensed Matter and Quantum Technologies” is supervised by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Sergey Mukhin — an international research scientist in the field of quantum order parameters, quantum phase transitions and the theory of electronic quantum phenomena in nanosystems, a student of the Nobel Prize laureate Alexey Abrikosov.

The head of the program “Metallurgy of non-ferrous metals and alloys” is the head of the department of non-ferrous metallurgy, Ph.D. Alexey Solonin. The department has created and successfully operates Russia’s first master program in the field of digital fabrication. The field of expertise of the scientist is metallurgy of non-ferrous metals, metal composite materials, problems of metallurgy modeling.

The postgraduate students of both programs will have the opportunity to conduct scientific work in modern laboratories created under the program of competitiveness enhancement of the leading Russian universities among the world’s leading scientific and educational centers.

Teaching is carried out entirely in English. The educational process involves international scientists and teachers: Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Head of the NUST MISIS Laboratory of Separation and Pre-Concentration in the Chemical Diagnostics of Functional Materials and Environmental Objects Petr Fedotov; Ph.D., Head of the Laboratory of Biomedical Nanomaterials Maxim Abakumov; Doctor of Physical and Mathematical sciences, Head of the NUST MISIS Laboratory of Physical Methods, Acousto-Optic and Laser Apparatus for Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy Efim Khazanov.

In addition, as part of academic mobility programs, graduate students will be able to go on internships at one of the partner universities, including the University of Johannesburg, University of Rome Tor Vergata and Copenhagen University.

Every international postgraduate student admitted to NUST MISIS will be given the opportunity to participate in a competition for a researcher-engineer position at one of the University`s leading laboratories. The competition’s winners will be able to conduct research, lead the research work of international master`s degree students, and prepare methodological materials. Having a scientific article published in at least a second quartile journal is a mandatory requirement.

Scientific advisor are open for consultation. Even before the application submission stage, you can familiarize yourself with the programs, preliminarily determine the educational or scientific unit, send your materials to a potential supervisor and discuss the future work plans.

The deadline for submission of applications to the NUST MISIS postgraduate studies is July 20, 2019.

As an entrance test, a candidate will take an oral exam in a specific technical discipline in English.

For more information on admission to the postgraduate programme, you can contact the NUST MISIS admissions office and the Center for Training of Higher Qualifications.

Contact details: E-mail:, Tel .: +7 499 230-24-09, +7 499 236-75-89.