29 Teams from 5 Countries Advance to VisionHack Finals

The list of participants for the first international hackathon on artificial intelligence and computer vision has been announced. 29 teams from NUST MISIS, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Innopolis, Skoltech, Saint Petersburg State University, MIPT, MIT, the University of Cambridge, and other world universities have passed through the pre-selection stage. On September 11th, 2017, the on-site competition will start, and the winner will have the chance to earn $22,000.

The VisionHack panel of judges praised the level of training the teams demonstrated when solving pre-selection tasks: 4 teams scored 90 points, with one team even managing to score 94.6 points—a number representative of an almost perfectly done task.

“Our hackathon has several important characteristics compared to others. First, we give participants authentic and interesting tasks that can cause problems even for experienced computer vision developers. Second, what is special in our field is that the solutions will be evaluated not by the panel of judges on the basis of the participants’ ability to effectively present their idea but by an automated testing system. This will help to eliminate bias, as well as to consider not only the idea, but also its correct implementation. This is exactly how the results of the pre-selection stage were evaluated—during the final step all the solutions were tested in the system, which the participants hadn’t previously seen. It helped thereally strong teams that were invited to VisionHack stand out”, commented Darya Krokhina, spokesperson for the hackathon and coordinator of the testing system.

The participants’ aim will be to create their own intellectual subsystem for driver assistance and ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) capable of automatically detecting various events on the road (small circumstances, which sometimes seriously affect traffic safety). The teams who place first, second, and third will receive $12,000, $6,000, and $3,000, respectively. Also, there are 5 special prizes ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 in additional nominations for 1st and 2nd place. The possibility exists that one team will be able to collect all the prizes and double its winnings, resulting in a hefty sum of $22,000. Thehackathon`stotalprizefundis $36,000.

While participants solve tasks, everyone who is interested in artificial intelligence and computer vision will have a chance to participate in an educational program organized by NUST MISIS and Cognitive Technology, the hackathon organizers.

Detailed information on VisionHack can be viewed here https://visionhack.misis.ru/.

Please contact the organizers if you have any additional questions visionhack@misis.ru