Autodesk Implements Enhancement for Fusion 360 Created by NUST MISIS FabLab Engineers

A group of young engineers from NUST MISIS’s FabLab has presented the unique Addin script for Autodesk`s Fusion 360. This is a generator for an automated simulation and design of boxes with specified dimensions that can be manufactured using laser cutting or milling. The project idea took 1st place at the FORGE FOR UNIVERSITIES competition held during the Autodesk Hackathon festival.

Autodesk is the world`s largest provider of software for industrial & civil construction, and also covers machine engineering and media & entertainment marketing. Fusion 360 is a cloud based CAD/CAM tool for three-dimensional modeling.

“The Forge For Universities competition is held by Autodesk among Russian universities with the aim of increasing youth motivation in mastering the implementation of Autodesk`s cloud-based programs and technologies. The Forge platform is a set of API clouds on the basis of which engineering web-services and applications can be developed. This year, the team of Filipp Egorov and Timofei Korotkov from NUST MISIS took first place in the competition. They will be awarded with a grant from Autodesk for the further development of their technology”, said Yaroslav Reshetnikov, senior specialist of the partner programs for developers of Autodesk Forge and the Autodesk Developer Network.

Developers continue to optimize the software, to fix bugs, and to add new features, including the multi-teeth function, which will allow users to make big boxes even more stable and reliable.

According to Filipp Egorov, one of the project developers, and NUST MISIS FabLab resident, “the creation of boxes from flat parts for laser cutting or milling is a frequent task in fablabs and maker spaces. At first glance it`s a simple task, however it takes from one to several hours to complete. Our solution allows users to receive ready-made production files for the manufacture of boxes on a laser cutter or milling machine in a matter of minutes. The user doesn`t even need to learn 3D-modelling, he only needs to enter the parameters of the box (material thickness, dimensions, etc.). We have developed Addin for Fusion 360. The product has already been fully verified and is now available at the Autodesk App Store”.

To test the new script and independently design and create your unique box of any desired size you can do so at the Maker Faire Moscow-2017 festival, which will be held at NUST MISIS on September 9th and 10th, 2017.