NUST MISIS Improves Its Positions in THE World University Ranking, Rising by 200 Positions

NUST MISIS has improved its positions in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking-2018, rising by 200 positions and entering the group of 601+.

In 2017, NUST MISIS has demonstrated impressive gains in world academic rankings. This increase is most evident in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, in which the University rose by 200 positions to enter the group of 601+.

“In a highly competitive global higher education market, you have to run fast just to stand still, as standards of education and research are improving across the world. So the rise of NUST MISIS, from outside our top 800 last year up into the 601-800 zone, amid growing global competition, is a significant achievement and a cause for real celebration”, said Phil Baty, Editorial Director, Global Rankings, at Times Higher Education.

In the new THE World University Ranking-2018, NUST MISIS has improved its positions across a number of the ranking’s core performance matrices. The University made a significant improvement in its research influence score —the most heavily weighted metric, as measured by citations (from 8.7 last year to this year’s 24.2). Research is another parameter of the ranking where NUST MISIS showed positive improvements — up from 13.9 to 20.1.

According to Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS, “In the new THE World University Ranking-2018, NUST MISIS has improved its positions on a number of key scientometric indicators: Research and Citation. Also, the University has demonstrated impressive achievements in the Industry income indicator, and has entered the top 25% of the world`s best universities. This has become possible due to the University`s strategy focused widely on interaction with the business community. Only as recently as 2016 did NUST MISIS carry out orders on the development of new materials for such corporate giants as Siemens (Germany), Panasonic (Japan), LG (Republic of Korea), Tata Steel UK Limited (Great Britain), and Energietecknik Essen GmbH (Germany). All scientific-research laboratories and engineering centers here at NUST MISIS work closely with the business community: currently, the University has commitments with more than 500 Russian and world-leading companies.”

Also, NUST MISIS improved on the International outlook metrics — from 40.9 to 56.3.

“NUST MISIS has improved across a number of our core performance metrics, but its most notable improvements have been in its links with industry, which demonstrate the real-world applications of the university’s research, its international outlook, which demonstrate that the university has become more open to global student and academic talent, and most significantly of all, its research influence. There has been a major improvement in NUST MISIS’s research quality, measured through an analysis of citations. Congratulations to NUST MISIS for this strong performance”, Baty noted.