Supercomputer Super Modeling: World-Leading Materials Scientists -Theorists Come to NUST MISIS

World leading experts in the field of computer modeling, together with NUST MISIS’s young scientists, recently convened to discuss the problems stemming from the calculations of complex structures and ways to solve these problems as part of the 3rd International Conference on Electronic Structure Theory for the Accelerated Development of Materials: A New Tool in Materials Science.

“Our conference is very popular among young scientists. I am very happy that NUST MISIS has become an attractive platform for people working in the field of computer modeling. We pay great attention to this field in our University, and our supercomputer cluster is among the top-50 supercomputers in Russia”, said Professor Igor Abrikosov, one of conference organizers, the Head of the NUST MISIS Laboratory for the Modeling & Development of New Materials, and Professor at Linköping University (h = 48).

Professor Abrikosov noted that Professor Dieter Vollhardt (University Augsburg, Germany. h = 59), who delivered a lecture at the conference, is one of the developers of dynamical mean-field theory, which is working to develop Landau’s beliefs about second-kind phase transitions. Professor Vollhardt also shared his understanding of how this theory applies to perovskites. Also, Professor Konstantin Neyman (h = 46) from the University of Barcelona (Spain) spoke to NUST MISIS scientists about the computational engineering of bimetallic nanocrystals. Additionally, Professor Olle Eriksson (h = 68) from Uppsala University (Sweden) shared the secrets of the multi-level modeling of materials.