Russia`s Only JEOL Microscope JSM-IT500LA to Operate at NUST MISIS

The TOKYO BOEKI company, who NUST MISIS has been cooperating with for over 10 years, has upgraded the instruments at the NUST MISIS International School for Microscopy. In place of the University’s outdated scanning electron JSM-6610LV microscope, TOKYO BOEKI has purchased a next generation JSM-IT500LA microscope worth more than $300,000 for NUST MISIS. Both NUST MISIS and TOKYO BOEKI have signed an agreement on strategic cooperation between Russia and Japan.

The JSM-IT500LA microscope is a device with a new control system that is easy to use and ideal for teaching students and young scientists. The microscope is equipped with an integrated microanalysis system and a large number of ports in the sample chamber, which can be retrofitted later with numerous devices to fulfill a variety of functions. Indeed, TOKYO BOEKI is planning to gradually expand the microscope’s functionality by installing additional devices from various manufacturers as time goes by.

“We cooperate with NUST MISIS because it`s one of Russia`s leading universities in the fields of science and technology. Tokyo Boeki is a Japanese company that imports the most advanced technologies into Russia, and that is why it is very important to us that students, scientists, and engineers are given an opportunity to learn how to fully use these [advanced] technologies. The NUST MISIS International School for Microscopy is, so far, effectively handling this task”, said Mr. Keiji Takigawa, General Director, Tokyo Boeki (RUS) Ltd.

The joint project between NUST MISIS’s International School for Microscopy and TOKYO BOEKI is widely known among Russian and international specialists. The school provides training in various programs on a commercial basis, as well as free training courses for NUST MISIS students.

The training programs are a combination of theoretical and practical classes in the fields of electron microscopy: sample preparation, theory of electron optics, the physical foundation of electron microscopy, elemental microanalysis, etc. The University conducts training on the equipment manufactured by JEOL, which is the world-recognized leader in the field of electronic microscope production. Upon the successful completion of the 72-hour course, students receive a state diploma for their professional development.

“During its operation the International School for Microscopy, launched by NUST MISIS together with our partners from TOKYO BOEKI, has earned numerous positive reviews. I`m glad to see how well everything is organized here. [It’s great that] not only students and staff, but anyone who wants to, can take classes”, noted Mr. Hitachi Tatsumi, General Director of JEOL (RUS) LLC.

In 7 years, the School has already trained more than 300 NUST MISIS students and over 100 representatives of various state and private scientific and industrial enterprises interested in developing their employees. In addition, research is conducted in the School`s labs for both the benefit of NUST MISIS’s research departments and the University’s partners.

According to student feedback, the School provides a balanced course and the educational process is aimed at fostering a high skill level in the requisite field. A third of participants have already indicated a strong intention to take an in-depth program.