Round Table on Industrial and Educational Partnership with Africa and Latin American Took Place at NUST MISIS

NUST MISIS hosted a round table on the development of international industrial and educational partnership with the participation of representatives of diplomatic missions from African and Latin American countries, Russian universities and industrial companies. As part of the event, experts discussed the current state and prospects for the development of regional markets, the formation of areas of cooperation, the development of project proposals and joint educational products. Particular attention was paid to determining the positioning and potential of Russian universities in the markets of African and Latin American countries.

In the opening of the discussion, NUST MISIS Vice-Rector for Education Prof. Timothy O’Connor spoke about the basic operating principles in accordance with which the university builds its activities. According to Prof. O’Connor, the university seeks not only to develop itself, but also to contribute to the development of other educational organizations, where the university graduates possess universal competencies and are motivated to continue their studies throughout their lives. One of the priorities of NUST MISIS is the continuous generation of innovations, which is ensured through the participation of the university in various entrepreneurial projects. The University also strives not only to respond to existing global challenges, but also to participate in shaping the international agenda in all areas of human activity.

Timothy O’Connor also noted that NUST MISIS is actively developing partnerships with African countries. Thus, the university cooperates with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Republic of Uganda in the field of building human resources in the field of materials science, metallurgy and mining. An agreement was signed with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Angola to create a scientific elite of Angola in the field of materials science, metallurgy and mining. As a result of the signing of the agreement, the university was included into the “Elite 300” program, according to which 300 of the best students from Angola get the opportunity to study at the best universities in the world. NUST MISIS is also actively cooperating with the Angolan diamond mining company Catoca. “More than one hundred students from Angola have already been trained at the Mining Institute of our university, and our professors regularly visit the company to ensure the quality of production processes. This demonstrates the level of trust in NUST MISIS both in educational and industrial terms,” said Prof. Timothy O’Connor.

The university is also actively developing partnerships with educational organizations in Nigeria. So, since 2019, there has been an agreement on cooperation in the field of mechanical engineering and materials science with the Federal Agrarian University Markudi. The universities also intend to cooperate in the field of modernization of automation systems and the use of information technologies in the agro-industrial complex.

Dr. Masamba Kah, head of international industrial and educational partnership programs at NUST MISIS, told the guests of the event about the model of industrial and educational partnership of NUST MISIS. As Dr. Kah noted, the university not only accepts students from foreign countries, but is also able to share its expert competences in the development of the mining and metallurgical industry, as well as materials science in partner countries, consistently building cooperation with local universities, relevant ministries and industrial companies. “Competencies of NUST MISIS provide an opportunity for our foreign partner universities to build educational programs in accordance with the actual needs of the industry, and for industrial companies to benefit from the resource concentrated in universities to solve their problems. Students are the young energy capable of solving the most difficult problems,” Masamba Kah emphasized.

The model of international industrial and educational partnership in the field of mining, metallurgy and materials science unites Russian and foreign partner-universities, relevant ministries and companies. At the same time, NUST “MISIS” acts as an educational consultant, helping local universities to build their educational processes in accordance with the needs of relevant industries, promoting the development of partnerships between universities and industry, thereby contributing to the formation of industries in partner countries.

The celebrations of the African Union Day took place within the framework this international activity, in which African students from various Moscow universities, as well as representatives of the embassies of African countries in Russia participated. The event is organised by the NUST “MISIS” African Students’ Union with the support from International Academic Mobility Department, the International Student Council and the International Friendship Club. This year, the program included fiery dances to the accompaniment of African drums performed by Russian and African musicians, a fashion show in ethnic dresses and tasting of dishes from African countries. The celebration was attended by representatives of more than 20 diplomatic missions of African countries, who spoke favourably about the university and the warm atmosphere of the event. The NUST “MISIS” African Students Union was established in 2015 at the initiative of students with the aim of ensuring socio-cultural adaptation, organizing sports and cultural events. NUST “MISIS” African Union Day is held annually and we will try to make this holiday even brighter and warmer next year!