Аdvanced Engineering School “Materials Science, Additive and Сross-Cutting Technologies”

In June 2022, MISIS University became the winner of the national contest to establish advanced engineering schools — centers for training engineers of a new formation in collaboration with high-tech and advanced manufacturing companies.

Following the results of the competition 30 university-based schools were opened, one of which is the Advanced Engineering School (AES) “Materials Science, Additive and Сross-Cutting Technologies” at NUST MISIS. In February 2023, NUST MISIS successfully defended the results of the first year of the AES work and entered the top 10 universities participating in the project.

AES is aimed to develop material sciences, additive and cross-cutting technologies and implement it in higher-productivity sectors in Russia and worldwide. The primary goal is to educate a new generation of engineers, train personnel with a new worldview, capable of creating materials with fundamentally new properties and digital manufacturing technologies.

Fields of interest

  • Digital materials science and promising future materials for sustainable mechanical engineering

  • Digital technologies in metallurgy and mechanical engineering

  • Additive technologies

  • Precision casting technologies

  • Bioprinting and biomaterials

Master’s programs at Advanced Engineering School

Digital Control of Technological Processes in Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering
Digital Materials Science
Modern Materials and Methods of Precision Casting
Biomedical Engineering and Biofabrication
Additive Technologies

Advanced Engineering School’s learning journey

At AES, we are focused on training highly qualified engineers in the field of additive technologies called engineers 4.0. They have competencies not only in engineering, digitalization, data analysis and innovation, but also in management, entrepreneurship and design. Such an approach can contribute to the digital transformation of the economy as well as create opportunities for self-realization and talent development.

We believe additive technologies are the key driver of Industry 4.0, the ongoing fourth industrial revolution. Thus, additive technologies are considered an integral part of the areas being developed at our school. For example, talking about foundry technologies we mean the use of additive equipment in the production of models for smelting and burnout process as well as 3D printing of casting molds and cores. Similarly, 3D synthesis in biofabrication is part of the regenerative medicine progression, aimed to restore tissues or whole organs directly in humans in the future.

The best MISIS university professors and recognized industry experts teach at AES. Students are engaged in industrial partners’ projects during their studies which guarantees them employment in the future.

In the center of AES is a full-cycle training on the basis of the Engineering Center of High-Complexity Prototyping “Kinetica”, where students go through all the steps from generating new product ideas to its small-scale production and regulatory documents development.

Our partners

Management structure

Pavel Aleksandrovich Zaitsev

Chairman of the Coordination Council, Director General of Science and Innovations JSC (the managing company of Rosatom`s scientific division)

Ivanov Ivan Alekseevich


PhD in physics and mathematics, associate professor at the Department of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Technologies

Field of knowledge: сomputer science, information systems, software engineering, metallurgy and metallurgical engineering, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, machine engineering technologies

AES in pictures