International Friendship Community

International Friendship Community of MISIS University is a world of an international youth conferences and forums, as well as other interesting and vibrant events. The goal of the community is to create a comfortable environment, where not only international students receive knowledge, but also have a bright student life, make new acquaintances and participate in exciting projects.

Adaptation of International students

International Friendship Community with the support of International Student Council (ISC) helps students to adapt by conducting excursions and organizing bright events. Excursions allow students to get acquainted with local sights and traditions, expanding their cultural horizons.

Language clubs and cultural festivals promote communication and the creation of new friendships. Thanks to the support of these student associations, international students can successfully integrate and feel comfortable in the new environment.


MISIS University has a well-developed community structure, which plays an important role in the integration of students and supports the community of compatriots. Fraternities unite students of a region or country, forming a team of like-minded people and friends.

Fraternities provide a favorable atmosphere for the preservation and popularization of cultural heritage and traditions, acquaintance with compatriots, exchange of experience that facilitate the adaptation of students.

Aslan Abazov

The Head of IFC