International Friendship

Team of International Friendship Club is a little state in which only freedom and friendship exist. We always decide together what to do and how to speak about ourselves!

Amusing excursions, theaters, concerts, and meetings with interesting people are always in the club’s schedule. Games, competitions, and other events will help to bring your talents to light, and feel free to use your own ideas.

Our Language Club is always open for new people who want to improve languages or to study a new one.

Moreover, we have our own Cinema Club for friends who want to meet to discuss movies. We hold these meeting in lecture halls after classes.

The International Friendship Club is not only an energetic team in which you can share your impressions of life in Russia and international experience, but you can also feel like you are at home.

It is also a good opportunity to develop leadership qualities, expand your social circle, and establish personal or professional ties. Master classes, seminars, scientific conferences, and help with studies provide our students with the knowledge to become highly-qualified professionals and very educated persons after “Alma Mater”.

Welcome to International Friendship!