ISAC Members Deliver Public Lectures

At NUST MISIS from March 2-6, 2015 leading scientists from world-renowned universities such as Cambridge, Stanford, and Technion will give public lectures on the latest developments in the world of science in the fields of Materials Science, Metallurgy, Mining, and Biomedicine.

Alexandra Khvan Chairs MSIT

Alexandra Khvan, Director of the Center “Thermochemistry Materials” NUST MISIS, has been appointed as a chairman of the Russian representation of MSIT (Materials Science International Team) within the 29 International Seminar on Heterogeneous Multicomponent Equilibria, which was held at Ringberg Castle (Bavaria, Germany) 15-20 February 2015.

NUST MISIS Young Scientists Received Government Award

Scientists Alexey Afanasiev, Andrey Ignatov, Olga Krivolapova, and Elena Tarasova were recognized with an award by the Russian Government in the fields of science and technology for young scientists for the development of metallurgical technology of fibrous magnetic materials for innovative fabrics that provide comprehensive protection of man against external influences.