Alyona Nikifororva, Moscow School Student, to Present Russia at Intel ISEF in Pittsburgh

Alyona Nikiforova, a high school student from the NUST MISIS engineering class project from Moscow school № 1080, has won the Russian stage of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. She will present her scientific and practical development in Pittsburgh (the U.S.) in May 2018. Professor Mikhail Astakhov, head of NUST MISIS Department of Physical Chemistry, is her research adviser.

Engineering Solution from NUST MISIS Scientists to Significantly Decrease Costs of MRI Research

Researchers from the NUST MISIS Engineering Center for Industrial Technologies have developed an innovative technology for the production of magnetic materials and permanent magnets at a reduced cost. This engineering solution will allow scientists to produce affordable and efficient domestic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices for wide use in public health clinics. According to the developers` estimates, the cost of an analysis with the new MRI technology will be half of what it is now.

NUST MISIS Students Develop an App for Patients with Bronchiectasis

A group of 1st year master`s degree students from the NUST MISIS College of Information Business Systems has suggested a solution to the problem of medication intake for those who have bronchiectasis. The suggestion is a special bracelet used to control the use of an inhaler and to monitor the patient`s condition. The prototype was presented as part of the IBM open student hackathon held through the support of Bayer.