NUST MISIS Opens Lab to Develop Anti-radiation Coatings & Catalysts for Gas Processing

NUST MISIS allocates 120 million rubles to open two new laboratories within the Academic Excellence Program among Russian universities The winning laboratories will deal with developments in the field of new materials. Research teams will be led by Professor Akihisa Inoue (University Educational Corporation “Josiah”, Japan) and by Professor Leonid Kustov (Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russia).

Quantum Computer: Still Myth or Reality?

July 13 2015, the III International Conference on Quantum Technologies was organized by the Russian Quantum Center in Moscow. One of the leading speakers and experts of the conference was Alexey Ustinov, Head of the Superconducting Metamaterials Laboratory at NUST MISIS, member of the Scientific Council of the Russian Quantum Center, Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Physics and Technology, University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

Yury Estrin Receives Thomson Reuters Citation Award 2015

Every three years, on the basis of the data on citations of scientific papers, Thomson Reuters selects outstanding Australian researchers and their teams, who have made a significant contribution to one of the eleven areas of science, including in the fields of Engineering, Social Sciences, and Humanities.