Russia Is Joining the World Race Towards Quantum Computer Creation

Scientists from leading universities and scientific centers actually created the first in Russia superconducting qubit necessary for the quantum computer creation. A group of researchers led by Alexey Ustinov (NUST МISIS, Russian Quantum Center), Oleg Astafiev (MIPT) and Valery Ryazanov (Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences) worked on this project. Alexey Ustinov shared his comments on this outstanding invention.

NUST MISIS Scientists Receive Government Award of the Russian Federation for Young Scientists

A team of scientists at NUST MISIS consisting of Alexey Afanasyev, Andrey Ignatov, Olga Krivolapova, Elena Tarasova, and Svetlana Schurenkova (TSNIITMASH), was recognized by the Russian Federation Government with an award in the field of science and technology for young scientists for the development of the metallurgical technology of fibrous magnetic materials for innovative fabrics to ensure comprehensive protection of humans from external influences.