“Living bandages”: NUST MISIS Scientists Develop Biocompatible Anti-burn Nanofibers

A group of NUST MISIS’s young scientists, for the very first time in Russia, has presented a new therapeutic material based on nanofibers made of polycaprolactone modified with a thin-film antibacterial composition and plasma components of human blood. Biodegradable bandages made from these fibers will accelerate the growth of tissue cells twice as quickly, contributing to the normal regeneration of damaged tissues, as well as preventing the formation of scars in cases of severe burns.

NUST MISIS Agrees on Cooperation with Leading Universities

Representatives of 15 foreign universities visited NUST MISIS as part of the International Scientific Symposium “Miner`s Week-2018”. Agreements on international cooperation in the field of education and science were reached as a result of the round table discussion “The internationalization of education in the mining field”.