Michael Kuchment: NUST MISIS Students’ Research Can Be Applied by Hoff

On January 26, first Student Entrepreneurship Festival (StudFest-2020) was held, with NUST MISIS being the General partner. NUST MISIS student team Aluminum vs Titanium got to the super final and won the silver medal with the project “Additive manufacturing of a full cycle”. The presented development was highly appreciated by the team’s mentor, Hoff co-founder Mikhail Kuchment, who stated that it could also be in demand by Hoff company.

New Graphene-Based Material to Extend Life of Storage Devices

International group of Russian and Japanese scientists developed a material that will significantly increase the recording density in data storage devices, such as SSDs and flash drives. Among the main advantages of the material is the absence of rewrite limit, which will allow implementing new devices for Big Data processes. The article on the research is published in Advanced Materials.