Manipulating the Earth’s crust under extreme stress conditions can lead to man-made earthquakes, NUST MISIS scientist claims

Earthquakes can be caused not only by natural factors; some strong ground movements in industrial zones have a mixed nature, such as natural-technogenic or technogenic-tectonic. The trigger for these can be engineering interventions in the subsurface. A scientist from NUST MISIS highlighted the need to study geodynamic effects related to the extreme stress state of the Earth’s subsurface in areas where mining activities are conducted.

Russian scientists have refuted the sensational conclusion made by researchers about the possibility of breaking quantum algorithms

A team of scientists from the MISIS University, RQC, and Sber conducted a thorough analysis of the calculations used by researchers from Zhengzhou, Beijing, and Hangzhou institutions to simulate the breaking of a cryptosystem using a 350+ qubit quantum computer and questioned their sensational conclusion about a revolution in cryptography. Russian scientists believe that the colleagues’ algorithm is not functional due to some “pitfalls” in the classical part and the complexity of the quantum part’s implementation.