NUST MISIS Hosts Press Tour for International Journalists

On April 24th-25th, 2018, journalists from the world`s leading mass media outlets visited NUST MISIS to get acquainted with one of the leading Russian universities in science, education, and technology. Representatives of the leading state information agencies from Italy, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, India and China examined NUST MISIS`s key scientific & technological locations & laboratories and went to working Moscow production plants where some of NUST MISIS’s advanced scientific achievements are used.

NUST MISIS and Sberbank Sign Cooperation Agreement

NUST MISIS, one of Russia`s leading technological universities, and Sberbank, the leader in Russian banking, have signed a cooperation agreement for the implementation of joint research and innovation projects aimed at the development of new technologies in priority areas of cooperation.

Russia`s First SAP Next-Gen Lab to be Launched at NUST MISIS

NUST MISIS, SAP, Ruspolymet, and ASAP Consulting will launch Russia`s first SAP Next-Gen Laboratory for the development of new technological solutions in the mining and metallurgical fields. NUST MISIS students will implement new projects with the use of big data processing technologies and the digitalization of production for Russia`s leading companies — partners and customers of SAP.

NUST MISIS Receives Four Gold Medals at “Archimedes-2018” Salon

Every presentation by NUST MISIS at the XXI Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies “Archimedes” received a gold medal. The University was also awarded an Honorary Diploma for its active participation in the organization and holding of “Archimedes-2018” Salon.

A universal design for superconducting qubits has been created

An international group of scientists from Russia, the United Kingdom, and Germany have presented an alternative qubit design which can be used to build a quantum computer. Nano-wires made of superconductors are the design’s main elements. In the first experiments, the new superconductor qubit proved to be no worse than the traditional one built on Josephson junctions.