NUST MISIS Enters Top-100 of ARWU

For the first time, NUST MISIS has entered the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities by Subject for 2017. The University is listed in the group of “76-100” in the Metallurgical Engineering subject. Only five Russian universities managed to enter the top-100 of Shanghai`s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects for 2017.

NUST MISIS to Launch Laboratory for Participation in CERN Experiments

NUST MISIS plans to launch a laboratory to implement projects for collaborations on LHCb and SHiP experiments. Its employees will work on the implementation of four major projects — two of them through LHCb collaboration and the other two through SHiP collaboration. The department will be led by CERN project managers.

Killer of Staphylococcus: Russian Scientists Develop Next Generation Tooth Rinse

NUST MISIS materials scientists led by Georgii Frolov, Associate Professor in the Physical Chemistry department at NUST MISIS, together with specialists from Vyatka State University, have developed a unique composition of a dental rinse which significantly changes the composition of teeth microflora, destroying plaque-causing bacteria by up to 83% while also reducing gingivitis. Clinical testing of the rinse has been carried out on volunteers at the Faculty of Stomatology (Dentistry) at Kirov State Medical Academy.