NUST MISIS Researchers Discover New Type of Waves

A team of researchers from NUST MISIS Laboratory of Superconducting metamaterials led by Professor Georgios Tsironis, used quantum approaches to gain a theoretical insight into the characteristics of a quantum superconducting metamaterial.

A Super Magnet from Waste: NUST MISIS Develops Unique Zero-Waste Technology

A research team from NUST MISIS Department of Non-Ferrous Metals and the Engineering Center of Industry Technologies has developed a technology for extracting rare earth metals from phosphogypsum, which is expected to enable Russian producers, including magnet makers, to replace Chinese imports of rare metals.

Hidden State of Matter to Speed Up Computer Work by 10 Times

An international group of scientists, including NUST MISIS’s Professor Serguei Brazovskii, recently presented their research on altostratus materials of tantalum disulfide, which shows that the material’s opposition could be countered with a unique high speed revolution of an electrical conductor to an insulator and back. Ultrafast switching allows the use of the material in modern electronics as a nonvolatile element of memory for the new generation.